Clinic Administration Icon Clinic Administration and Service Management

Clinic administration and service management apply to organisational supervision of the company's occupational health clinics. It also provides on-site, full medical assessments, medical surveillance and wellness programmes.

Employers have the responsibility to balance operational efficiency with the safety of the employee. Therefore occupational health medicals must form part of their human resources management. Having an on-site clinic in the workplace promotes health where employees get routine checkups leading to early detection of illnesses. With ongoing increases in healthcare expenditures, the use of on-site clinics contributes to improving employee health and reduce the financial burden for both the organisation and employees.

Dr Haidee Williams will assist the organisation with:

  • Inputs to ensuring minimum standards compliance
  • Record maintenance (clinical & pharmaceutical)
  • Communication and Reports
  • Inputs to reports as follows:

    1. Annual:

    • Trend analyses
    • Profile of the top 5 P.H.C. diagnosis

Profile of the top 5 PHC diagnosis

Emergency Care

Ensures that the clinic is sufficiently equipped to manage medical emergencies that may occur on-site. An on-site clinic helps provide acute care and promotes health.


Dr Haidee Williams offers specialist occupational medicine services with an interest in developing evidenced based safety, health and environment policies and programmes. Expertise includes medical examinations, medical adjudication, toxicology, health based risk assessments, hazardous chemical substances, hazard communication and training and guidance on H,S&E legal compliance requirements.


Tel: 087 809 0054
Twitter: @drhmwilliams